Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet Allyce

Leaving the house at 5 am for the hospital on Allyce's due date. Am I in labor? Heck no, not even close. If it was up to baby I'd be pregnant for at least a week more like my previous two babies. This one gets to be a scheduled C-section. Hurray for not going past the due date!

And not long after I arrive at the hospital I get one of these.

The first bath.

Awww, so peaceful.

Dressed and ready for the world! She was 7 lbs 10 oz. 22 1/4 in long. She's the smallest baby I've had... and the longest!

I finally get to hold my beautiful little girl and enjoy what I endured 9 long months of being pregnant for.

Tiny feet and tiny toes make me happy!

Proud Daddy gets to finally enjoy the rewards of new baby girl after having to endure 9 long months of pregnant wife.

Chubby little cheeks!

My parents brought the kids down to see their new sister on Day 2 at the hospital. It was chaos! Brigham loved meeting her. I really enjoyed hearing him whisper to her: "Hi Allyce, my name is Brigham, I love you".

Brigham taking over my bed. He said "Wow mom this is really cozy!" Ha ha ha.

Look at all the poking and prodding! Allyce is so loved!

Sarah is THRILLED to meet Allyce. She is like the best real-life baby doll toy ever to Sarah. Sarah kept saying "look, she moves!" "look, she makes noise!" and "look at her tiny fingers"!

Sarah playing with Allyce with lots of close supervision so she doesn't go overboard!

Yep, she is the the best toy ever!

Adding another Larsen to the team!

Lots of love!

The center of attention.

Pa and the kids.

Nanni and Allyce.

All my kids!

This is Allyce on Day Three at the hospital. I finally caught some open eyes!

Me and some lovely flowers sent from Grandma and Grandpa Larsen.

This is Allyce ready to go home!

Leaving the hospital!

She is so tiny in that car seat! Now I'll get to watch her grow and grow!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah Jane!

This is our little sweetheart on her big day! We got up bright and early to take her to Denny's for a birthday breakfast.

At Dennys, she wasn't very happy.

But Daddy knows how to cheer her up.

Showing how old she is.

We found Mater while we were driving through Gunnison. I was glad we got to see him because we never got around to visit him at the theater when Cars 2 came out.

Sarah opening presents.

A super pink and purple birthday cake.

Just being silly.

Blowing out the candle.

Sarah loved the present Brigham got her- a princess microphone that would play "Under the Sea" Just look at her on my kitchen table!

Yep, she's a future rock star.

We threw Sarah a family party later that week at my parents house so she could celebrate with grandparents and cousins. Here she is opening a card and shouting "Dollars!"

More presents.

Singing Happy Birthday.

I'm so glad Sarah got to have so much fun on her birthday! I'm amazed at how grown up she is already!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

Here are my trick or treaters anxious to get out and get some candy.

Daddy was the one who took them out. Brigham really wanted to use a grocery bag instead of a pillowcase. I was surprised with how adamant he was about that. You can tell by how he's holding it in the pics how excited he is to use it!

Brigham REALLY loves dinosaurs. He decided that he is some kind of raptor. He reminded me that raptors are carnivores and they only eat meat before he left.

Sarah the princess.
The kids after they came home. There weren't many people home in our neighborhood because I guess the trunk or treat is the thing to go to around here for Halloween. I think that it's way funner to do the traditional trick or treat though. I did one trunk or treat before and it goes by way faster, it's too dark to see who's handing out the candy or for anyone to see costumes, the kids get way too much candy and they hardly have to walk or work for it. Somebody who does trunk or treats will have to explain why they like it so much because I don't understand it.

Brigham and his loot after Mommy and Daddy ridding it of it's hazardous peanut content-yum!

Me and my pumpkin. It was fun to recycle this shirt from when I was pregnant with Sarah. Sarah was supposed to be due the day after Halloween.

Side shot. Look in the archives of my blog under 2008 Halloween post- "Cavities in progress" to compare me pregnant with Sarah.

Some before Halloween pictures- This is Brig and his best friend in the Elementary school's Halloween parade. I didn't know how big of a deal this parade was until I showed up there and shocked to discover that I was probably better off walking the two blocks to the parade rather than try and find a parking spot about the same distance away!

This is the night we went "ghosting" which is sneakily delivering treats to neighbors without letting them see us. I'm pretty sure we were busted at each house we doorbell ditched. At least we looked really cool.

I promised not to reveal the identity of the spiderboy.

Spiderboy vs. evil panda girl.